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Linda Nyangweso’s husband trolled over his wife’s weight

The trolling of Kiss 100 radio presenter, Linda Nyangweso, has now graduated to her husband, Lance Osiro.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page, Nyangweso disclosed that trolls have been messaging her husband mean things about her weight.

The mean messages sent to her husband were triggered by a photo Nyangweso posted of her family and herself in a swimming costume. Due to her weight, people online had all manner of mean things to say about how she looked.

The photo that got Linda Nyangweso’s husband trolled online.
| Photo Source: thatchicklyndan |

“Honestly, the best thing I did is posting and I never looked online. I posted and went on with my vacation. Only afterward I saw that people expected me to wear cabbage bags,” the Kiss FM drive show presenter says.

The bubbly and eloquent radio presenter says she expected some mean comments. However, what she didn’t see coming is people messaging hateful things to her husband.

Nyangweso is one of the public figures in Kenya who have been heavily body shamed online.

“I have always struggled with my weight. I remember I would never eat in public. People stared at me when I ate that I started eating in the toilet which is ridiculous,” Nyangweso says amidst a shaky voice.


Trolls have even made hateful comments about her child.

“The meanest comment I’ve come across was the one about my child that I had no right to have a child because of how I look,” the mother of one says.

That is when the thought of committing suicide first crossed her mind. But her witty self couldn’t let her.

” The only reason I didn’t go through with suicide is that I was worried my mum wouldn’t find a coffin that would fit me. It’s ridiculous, it’s sad, it makes my voice shaky because I hope one day no girl ever has to do that,” Linda pointed out.

However, her husband helps her live another day as he does not pay attention to what people say about his wife.

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