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Makena Njeri shares her side of story on breakup with Michelle Ntalami

In Summary

  • Mitchelle Ntalami accused Makena of cheating while still together.
  • Njeri maintains her conscience is clear although says third parties caused their breakup.

After days of speculations round the internet on the breakup between Makena Njeri and female entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami, Njeri has come out with her side of the story.

In a two-part statement on Instagram, Njeri acknowledged she has had a difficult time as she was on the receiving end of backlash from Kenyans.

“I have watched with calmness and with rage as my friends and family have been judged, criticised and bullied because of their relationship with me,” the former BBC journalist narrated.

Njeri faults third parties

She claims that the “hate” was extended to the larger LGBTQ community, for whom she had fought a great deal to have them recognized in society.

For Njeri, third parties could have been the cause of their breakup, saying that “the minute third parties are dragged in to justify behaviour ( good or bad) it’s no longer about the two people in the relationship.”

The founder of BOLD Network appreciated friends and family who stood by her through this period.

Earlier this week, Ntalami claimed infidelity was the cause of their fall out.

“The truth of the matter of why we are no longer together is serial infidelity on their part with multiple partners. Those I suspected and confirmed are two individuals; one a public figure, and the other a less known married woman, a health worker,” Ntalami added.

Njeri however maintained her conscience was clear.

“It is only the two people in that relationship who will ever know the truth and no one owns any explanation in life,” the journalist concluded.

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