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“Wrong timing” – MPs slam Uhuru for accusing Ruto of plotting his impeachment

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta accused his deputy William Ruto of plotting to oust him from office.

Speaking to close to 3,000 elders from the vote-rich Mount Kenya region, President Uhuru claimed that Ruto was hellbent on kicking him out of office either through impeachment or blatant sabotage of his administration.

This, Uhuru says, was the reason why he fell out with his deputy and sort the Handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

MPs refute impeachment claims

But nominated Member of Parliament David Sankok, speaking on TV47’s breakfast show ‘Morning Cafe’, dismissed the allegations.

“If there was an impeachment motion that should have been discussed, it would have been through MPs. I can say without fear of contradiction that impeaching President Uhuru has never even crossed our minds. We have never even thought about it let alone planned it,” said the UDA allied MP.

“There was a time the President went to Hague, left the leadership under William Ruto, and upon coming back, the Presidency was handed over back to him. If Dr. Ruto really wanted to overthrow the government then that was a good opportunity to do so.”

“Let me remind the President that William Ruto supported him in 2002, 2013, and twice in 2017,” Sankok quipped.

On his part, Matuga MP Kassim Tandaza – also a panelist on the show – dismissed the impeachment allegations as well. He went ahead and cautioned politicians on the timing of some revelations that might create disunity given that this is an electioneering year.

“I know there are no facts behind the impeachment debate by His Excellency the President but even if you have the facts, there is something called timing. This is the wrong time to bring out those facts at the height of campaigns,” argued the lawmaker.

“It is absurd because it creates disharmony and yet these are the times to conduct mature politics,” added MP Kassim.

DP Ruto on impeaching boss

DP Ruto addressed the rumours on Sunday saying he knew better than to plan on overthrowing a government he had helped form.

“I am not a drunkard or immature to overthrow a government I helped form. We know the person who plots to overthrow the government. The person who was part of the 1982 coup and he swore himself recently,” an irked DP said.

The 2010 Constitution states that a motion to impeach a president can only be moved by a member of the National Assembly. This can be done on the grounds of incapacity (physical or mental) and gross violation of the Constitution or any other law.

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