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“My son asks, ‘mum nikupee hii?’ then ananipea kwa miguu”- Mwende

Josephine Mwende lives with congenital Cerebral Palsy.

She is a mother of a four-year-old boy. In spite of her condition, which has denied her the use of her arms, she is constantly smiling, oozing with life and enthusiasm.

Appearing on TV47’s Beyond The Limit show, Mwende narrated how her condition impacted on her early schooling, and the initial struggle for self-acceptance. But with the support and from her mother whom she describes as “amazing” and undying love from her son, she is now living happily.

“My son has already learnt that I don’t use my hands; he knows that I use my legs (to wash clothes, type on a computer or mobile phone). He says, ‘mum nikusaidie kuchukua hii?’ Na ananipea kwa miguu.”

Mwende’s Organisation

Mwende, who has founded an organisation called Able Africa advises people who are abled differently to accept themselves. The organisation targets people living with Cerebral Palsy, and the parents of such children.

Dr. Jane Nyutu, Director, Mind and Counselling Centre, offers on-the-spot advice during the show. She says parents who give birth to children with disability always blame themselves partly due to social stigma.

“They need to seek advice since there are people willing to help them,” says Dr. Nyutu.

For the FULL INTERVIEW on Mwende’s journey and the causes of Cerebral Palsy, see the video:

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