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“My daughter knows Ruto is the next president” – Karen Nyamu

City Lawyer-cum-politician Karen Nyamu is a mother of three. She recently gave birth to her lastborn daughter on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

Speaking on TV47’s Breakfast show ‘Morning Cafe’, Nyamu shed light on her motherhood journey.

“My babies are good. You know I am buying two different sizes of diapers now, it is interesting. I love it. I love my children. I love being a mum,” she stated enthusiastically.

Answering the question whether she would give birth to more babies now that she had children from both genders, she answered: “you never know.”

Senatorial race and motherhood

Despite being in the Nairobi senatorial race, Ms Nyamu says she is able to balance politics and motherhood.

“You know I am passionate about politics and when you have passion it just flows. I would never tag her along for my campaigns because the ground is crazy.”

She revealed that her first-born daughter somewhat understands politics. “She knows that William Ruto is the next president. She knows I am already a senator.”

“The other day she saw my competitor’s billboard and she had to make the driver call me. She asked me, ‘mummy are you not the Senator for Nairobi?’ I had to explain,” the former director, Nairobi Water narrated.

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