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OPINION: COVID-19 lockdown has left Kenyans more creative

Apparently it’s not all bad with this pandemic as we presume, there is a drift of thoughts and focus that one couldn’t think of during normal times.

As much as we stress on how soon this pandemic will end, or the do’s and don’ts that the government should undertake, you owe yourself to do something for you and no one but just you. 

Kenyans tend to thrive under pressure, the tougher it is on our shoulders the brighter we become, not only has the COVID-19 pandemic robbed us of family members but also crushed our economy way too deep than we could ever imagined. 

To some this has been a refreshing season, embracing long hours than usual at home and just chilling out of everything, the early morning rush to work, the endless jam at Thika road, a break from alarms that frustrated our naps, and a break from stressing what to dress according to the weather. 

A time for a work out routine that brings the gym closer to our homes, a moment to immensely focus on our body goals that we’ve been yearning for ages, a season where there is no excuse for not being fit cause there is nothing much left to do in this frustrating times

A pandemic that has shown us the importance of learning institutions, the value of every business, the impact of mama mboga in our society, the power of saving 50% of salary, for those who are employed, a moment that has shown who a true friend really is. 

A season where we have been entertained by our memes and tiktoks and not forgetting creative artists who have come up with songs of quarantine. And a season where netizens have been fully informed, educated and entertained. A time where unity prevailed #Blacklivesmatter. 

Indeed 2020 you have left a mark! 

Bryson Kibe
Bryson Kibe is an IT Guru who was bitten by the writing bug. He holds a degree in IT from Karatina University. When he is not tinkering with computers, he writes sports, business and more.
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