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Security guard receives over KSh20,000 from Kenyans after viral photo of new mud house

As the Christmas festivities progress, a man from Kibera celebrated his in a special way after receiving cash gifts from Kenyans.

Henry Lusutsa Malumu has so far received over KSh20,000 as a donation from Kenyans on Twitter after posting a picture of his newly-constructed rural home in Kakamega.

“I wish you merry Christmas with my young family member,God bless you all families,” Malumu wrote on December 24, above a picture with his wife and child.

New House

Speaking to Standard, the 28-year-old revealed that they had moved in to their rural home two days earlier- a mud-walled house with iron sheet roofing.

“I felt that was a safe space to share the progress. I just constructed that house this holiday and we had just moved in. We went to our rural home last week to construct the house which to me was an accomplishment,” Malumu said.

Bewildered by the reactions the picture sparked online, the father of one says he posted to share progress of the house with his friends.

New Project 26 3
Malumu shares picture of two-year-old daughter during her birthday at their new Kakamega house. PHOTO/COURTESY

Malumu’s family spent Christmas Day with their extended family and travelled back to Nairobi on Sunday. They live in Kibera where Malumu works as a security guard at one of Post Bank’s branches in Nairobi.

His Twitter post attracted over 70,000 likes, 7,000 retweets and more than 1,000 comments. On Sunday, Malumu shared his contact, inviting others who “wish to send merry Christmas.”

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