Dorcus Osongo

Water birth: Benefits and what to expect

There are a variety of birth options today such as water birth where the pregnant woman is submerged in water. This water birth will happen in a special and sterilized pool filled with warm water. Here are the benefits and what you need to know about water birth: Benefits of water birth It is relaxed: […]

Hot tea now linked to throat cancer

The rise of cancer in Kenya has caused experts to come out and address the major causes of cancer that common people were not aware of. One such common cause of cancer is hot tea, which has been linked to throat cancer. According to medical experts, the hot tea is an irritant which alters the […]

Tanzania fuel tanker explosion kills 57

An oil tanker explosion tragedy has hit Tanzania after at least 57 people were killed and more than 65 injured. The incident occurred in Morogoro region, west of Dar es Salaam city. Gory pictures shared on online platforms show a large number of bodies burned and lying on the ground. The tanker exploded after it […]
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