Shanniq Muthoni

Occasions you should not talk to your EX

When a relationship comes to an end, some people find it hard to move on because there are feelings involved or you do not want to lose the friendship that was formed first. Exes can be toxic in one’s life. They can make it difficult for you to move on and drag you with negativity […]

Foods you should never eat on the first date

First dates are fun but they can be ruined by small mistakes like talking too much, revealing unnecessary information, poor etiquette, being rude to the waiters and the food we order. When it comes to ordering food on a first date, you need to choose a meal that will not embarrass you. Simply strive to […]

Annual Journalism Excellence Awards 2019: the winners

The 8th Annual Journalism Excellence Awards 2019 took place on Friday at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi. It was a gala dinner event where the dress code was themed African. The categories awarded included: Development Reporting Award, ICT and Telecommunications Reporting Award, Gender Reporting Award, Environment Reporting Award, Sports Reporting Award, Health Reporting Award, Business Reporting […]

How to make soft chapati with classic beef stew

Chapati is also known as Roti, Shabaati, Safati or Roshi in the Maldives. It is also known as unleavened flatbread which is a staple in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It is usually made from Whole Wheat Flour, though All Purpose Flour is normally used to make chapati. It is said to be a hard delicacy to cook […]

Must-watch family movies for the weekend

The children have closed school and one way to bond with them is by organizing a movie weekend with the family. It can be a family movie night after dinner or you can plan to go to the cinemas. There are different genres when it comes to family movies which include princess tales, classic musicals, animated animals […]
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